Delivery Information

Delivery Information


Most of items you purchase will normally be dispatched within 1-2 business day by Hong Kong air mail, China post, or Singapore post which will take 7-21 working days normally to arrive. During different period, we will choose the fastest post office to ship the parcels so that we cannot support the post office choice from the dear customers. The arrival time depends on different areas in the world:

However, virtually all post offices that offer international airmail services do not guarantee delivery time for Airmail parcels, the delivery time is provided for reference only.

 How to Trace an Registered Air Mail / Special Delivery

1. If your order is up to $25 dollars or you have chosen a Registered Air Mail or EMS, your package's departure and arrival status can be traced using tracking number.
2. Customers from the following countries and regions can receive the live arrival status of their orders online, when the packages arrive at their countries and regions. You can track the order by your local post website. Here are some of the sites for tracking arrival information:
United State of America: 
United Kingdom: 
South Korea: 
Other areas:
3. If your order shows your item has shipped and no tracking information is available, please rest assured that your order is on its way. Live tracking is only available after the carriers have a chance to initially scan the package. Between the time the item leaves us and the time it is scanned, tracking numbers may not show any results. For Express packages (sent via EMS / UPS), the delay is about 48 hours. For Airmail and Registered Airmail packages, it takes 3 to 5 working days for postal tracking to show online. Sometimes, the Airmail ONLY shows the arrival date online. If no tracking information sometimes, please just be patient and most of items will arrive in 21 days.